Police Leadership

Topics: Police, Leadership, Management Pages: 3 (1112 words) Published: May 3, 2012
Leadership is defined as someone who provides guidance or direction to a group. The importance of leadership facilitates the basic functions of those who are meant to follow. This pertains to the Public administration aspect of criminal justice in regards to those supervisors who are put in the position of power to lead, guide, and motivate those who are not only under them, but those who are around them. Police Leadership is very important now days as it resorts to today’s community policing and how each officer, even if they are a patrol officer, “every officer is a leader”. It is because of different models put in place that have failed or succeeded along with contemporary issues, that the role of Police Leadership and its importance plays a great stake in today’s policing and police administration. Some of the key elements of leadership have to do with knowledge and education, different mindsets, ability to change, and training. When a simple question of whether a leader is born or made, it is the answer of two-thirds of a group that say leaders are made. Most back up their answer with made through training, and experience in the certain field. Leaders as it relates in policing have the mindset that the leadership quality is something that is built into the character of an officer as early as their training in the police academy. With time being a distinct factor, the longer one waits to be promoted into such a role can have catastrophic consequences. The consequences can result from that individual waiting and in that time burning bridges with co-workers and those within the community as well. Different aspects come into play when dealing with leadership. The different situations of employees is one of the most compelling and strenuous trait to deal with. Some believe that it is easier and better to take an individual with a poor performance and give them a decent review so it doesn’t generate any whistle blowing. It is the result of such leadership studies...

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