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Police Performance Management: Practical Guidance for Police Authorities June 2006

This guide has been produced by the Home Office Police Standards Unit and the Association of Police Authorities with the help of PA Consulting. We are very grateful for the contributions provided by all police authorities and other contributors during the development of this guidance.

Police performance makes headline news: it affects people’s daily lives. There are many stakeholders in police performance, but the most important are those served by police forces: the local people themselves. Police authorities, as the representatives of local communities, have responsibility to hold the chief officer to account for policing delivery, on behalf of their communities. Police authorities need to satisfy themselves that the chief officer is delivering an efficient and effective service to the public. Following performance management principles allows police authorities and forces to continuously improve the service that is provided to local people. This guidance (and its shorter companion reference guide) has been produced to assist police authorities to understand and develop their role – which is complementary to that of the force – in ensuring an effective police performance management regime. The guide is structured around ten hallmarks of effective performance management developed from research that involved all police authorities. The guide includes case studies and examples provided by police authorities to illustrate the hallmarks in good practice. Commitment to achieving the standards conveyed in the hallmarks will make a significant contribution to the effectiveness of police authorities in fulfilling their important role in police performance management. The guide is intended to form a comprehensive repository of good practice. Authorities will want to prioritise their efforts and focus on the parts of the guidance that will be of greatest benefit to them, and the self-assessment section at the end of the document should help here. Government plans to restructure the police service are likely to bring significant changes and this guidance is intended to help add value to the new police structures we are likely to see as a result. In particular, the hallmarks and principles in the main guide and the self-assessment section in the appendices will be a useful reference when considering the types of performance management arrangements needed by strategic police authorities in their oversight of strategic police forces. We are very grateful to all those within police authorities, police forces and our other stakeholder organisations for their support and contributions to this guide, and hope that it will be of practical use to police authority members and officers both now and in the future.

Bob Jones Chairman Association of Police Authorities

Paul Evans Director Police and Crime Standards Directorate, Home Office



Hallmarks of effective performance management by police authorities 4 5 6 6 12 19 20 21 27 29 29 31 36 41 43 46 46 55 61 62 63 66 66 67 68 71

1. Introduction 2. Performance management: why police authorities? 2.1 Police performance management 2.2 Planning, setting priorities and target setting 2.3 Ensuring delivery 2.4 Learning, consultation and feeding back 2.5 Involving partners in the performance management cycle 2.6 Developing the authority capability and capacity in performance management

3. People and relationships
3.1 Developing an effective working style 3.2 The role of members 3.3 Authority resources 3.4 Building effective relationships with the force 3.5 Recruitment and appraisal of chief officers

4. Structures and processes
4.1 Main structures used for ensuring delivery 4.2 Getting the most out of your structures and processes 4.3 Managing risk 4.4 The police authority role in BCU performance 4.5 Joint force and police authority working

5. Data,...
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