Criminal Justice Paper

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Trends that are now affecting policing is the rapid growth of technological advancements which keep boosting social weakness and fear giving terrorist and criminals new methods and opportunities. The new technologies being developed give police new tools and ways to stop the criminal. Intelligence analyst is a big part of the police technology advancements and is a trending opportunity for the police to stop more violence.

Leadership is one of the foreseeable critical issues that may affect policing in the future. Many people don’t see leadership as others may see it, some may see it as building a relationship with people when other’s see it as someone who is a boss over you or someone else. Leadership occupies an important role towards the success or failure of every organization Leadership. The following are the critical leadership as well as the organizational issues that could affect the future of policing. First , is the leadership that makes people grows second is the leadership that uses power to empower people third , the leadership that transform people and fourth , is the leadership by example . The four organizational issues however include value to police performance, sufficient funding, quality of equipment, trainings and protection against suit when accused in line with the performance of duties, and the assessment of police performance.

One of the most critical issues facing the field of policing (both today and in the future) is public relations and perception. Two factors that can be addressed to improve public relations and perception are the issues of the attitude of 'law enforcement' and revenue generation. Communication is another key critical issue facing the field of policing today and possibly in the future because different branches or police do not communicate like law enforcement should. The more people communicate with one another will allow the work or what needs to be done to get done the proper...
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