Point of View Paper for the Book Things Fall Apart

Topics: English-language films, Mother, Family Pages: 2 (675 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Katie Smith
Period 4
Point of view assignment
I’ve Been Betrayed
It was a beautiful sunny day in Umuofia, the day before, the locusts had descended on my village, bringing happiness to the village, for locusts are a great delacy. I sat with my father and brother, Nwoye, inside my father’s obi, happily crunching on the delicious locusts. I thought to myself there could not have been a better day, earning my fathers approval for helping with the locusts, even though he never showed it, and getting to play with my brother Nwoye. My father would say Ikemefuna, work harder, and when he doesn’t say anything that is how I know I have done well.

As I was relaxing, enjoying the locusts, and making simple conversation with Nwoye, an elderly man walked into the obi and called my father. I recognized the man since he was known as the oldest man in the village. His name was Obiageli Ezeudu. My father asked Ezeudo if he would care to sit down and share our meal. The man looked like he had an urgent matter to obtain to. He simply refused the meal, and my father went outside to talk with him. It was quiet; however I was not able to overhear their conversation. When father came back in, he had a look of grief on his face, and Nwoye and I were sent back to our mothers hut.

Later the next day, after my chores had been finished, father called me. I ran as quickly as I could, knowing father hates it when I am late. I reached his obi to find him sitting. He asked me to join him, and he quickly said “Ikemefuna, tomorrow you will return home”. As I walked from the obi, overcome with sadness, I thought of leaving my family here. It seemed almost unbearable. I remember how my mother used to cradle me in her arms, and sing to me as I fell asleep. That same night I drifted off to sleep, thinking of her.

I was woken early the next morning, by my father telling me to hurry and gather my things. He insisted that we must leave before sunrise. I got chills down my back but I tried to...
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