Things Fall Apart and Chapter

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Things Fall Apart
Part One
Chapter One

1. Page #______ List four physical characteristics that separate Okonkwo’s appearance from that of the other men in his village.

2. Page #______ How did Okonkwo bring honor to his village as a young man?

3. Page #______ What other achievements make him an important man?

4. Page #______ Why does Okonkwo have no patience with his own father, Unoka?

5. Page #______ What good qualities does Unoka have, that his son fails to appreciate?

Chapter Two

1. Page #______ How does Okonkwo reaffirm his greatness as a warrior to the people of his village?

2. Page #______ What is the “normal course of action” when a member of a neighboring clan murders one of the Ibo?

3. Page #______ How does the oracle of the hills and the cave prevent the powerful Umuofia from going to war with their neighbors?

4. Page #______ Why does Okonkwo behave as a cruel man when, “perhaps down in his heart Okonkwo is not a cruel man” (13)?

5. Page #______ Briefly describe the physical layout of Okonkwo’s compound.

6. Page #______ What does the reader know about Ikemefuna’s fate by the end of the second chapter? What literary term is employed?

Chapter Three

1. Page #______ Describe the entrance to the shrine called Agbala.

2. Page #______ How does a worshipper get a message from the gods?

3. Page #______ What is a chi?

4. Page #______ Describe the custom of wine sharing presented in this chapter.

5. Page #______ Why does Okonkwo not listen to his father’s words?

6. Page #______ List the crops that the women are responsible for in the Ibo clan.

Chapter Four

1. Page #______ What are Ikemefuna’s special skills that make him popular with Nwoye?

2. Page #______ What is the importance of the week of peace to the Ibo clan?

3. Page #______ In the past how did the clan punish a man for breaking the peace?

4. Page #______ What is Okonkwo’s punishment?

5. Page #______ What sentence in this chapter indicates that Nwoye’s life is greatly influenced by Ikemefuna’s presence in their household?

Chapter Five

1. Page #______ Why is Ani the most important deity in the lives of the Ibo people? What is the New Yam Festival?

2. Page #______ What story is always told at the New Yam Festival? Why is it an example of a legend?

3. Page #______ In what ways do you think Okonkwo’s second wife both respects and dislikes her husband?

4. Page #______ What is the purpose of the drums beating the day of the New Yam Festival?

5. Page #______ What might these drums symbolize?

6. Page #______ What does Okonkwo say to criticize his daughter Ezinma, even though he really is fond of her?

7. Page #______ Why do you think he is so harsh?

Chapter Six

1. Page #______ Why do you think Ezinma’s mother says to the priestess “ Perhaps she has come to stay”?

Chapter Seven

1. Page #______ How is the Nwoye changed after Ikemefuna’s arrival?

2. Page #______ What advice does Ezeudu give to Okonkwo regarding Ikemefuna’s Death?

3. Page #______ Why does Okonkwo kill Ikemefuna?

4. Page #______ How does this action also destroy his relationship with his son Nwoye?

Chapter Eight

1. Page #______ How does Okonkwo feel about his role in Ikemefuna’s death?

2. Page #______ What do we learn about the role of women in the Ibo Society by the death of Ogbuefi Ndulue?

3. Page #______ Why is Obierika sometimes sorry he has the title of ozo?

4. Page #______ How is Akueke’s bride price settled?

5. Page #______ What do the Ibo people think about white men in general?

6. Page #______ What other evidence has there...
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