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how is the theme of loss and separation explored in remember, a mother in a refugee camp and poem at thirty nine?

The three poems Remember written by Christina Rossetti, A Mother In A Refugee Camp by Chinua Achebe and Poem at Thirty-Nine by Alice Walker share the same negative theme of loss and separation. Remember explores the pain felt by losing loved ones. A Mother In A Refugee Camp emphasizes the relationship between a mother and her child living in a refugee camp. Poem at thirty nine is a poem about the reminiscences of a loved one.  

Remember expresses the pain in losing and letting go of a loved one. The first few words said by the speaker are "remember me" this uses the technique of imperatives to effectively express the personas demanding tone. The word 'remember' is repeated several times, this shows that there is fear the speaker has that their lover might forget them too quickly. This word gives the effect of there being a separation between two lovers. This quote can have multiple interpretations as the speaker can be seen to be speaking in a selfish tone or in a concerned tone. The title itself consists of this word which shows the power of the word and the entire poem. The speaker at first appeals to her lover to remember her after death, but as the poem progresses she dispels her selfishness. The poem unfold as the word 'remember' is used the reader understands that there is separation between two lovers. The reason of the separation becomes clearer when "gone far away" is repeated. This quotation reveals the significant theme of death within this poem. The speakers sorrow is stressed by the reappearance of the words 'gone away'. All sonnets are known to have a change in tone within them; this sonnet has a change in tone from negative to positive. In the two quatrains the speaker repeats the word "remember", but the speaker uses the reiteration of the word "forget" towards the end. This supports the change in tone; she changes her tone from talking only about herself to caring about the person in front of her. Sonnet 116 by William Shakespeare is similar to the sonnet Remember as in both poems love is believed to be constant even after death. Shakespeare and Rossetti both use the form of sonnets. The themes of loss and separation are conveyed through the techniques of constant repetition and steady tone.  

In Remember, the speaker rejects her selfish desires and considers that it would be better to "forget and smile” rather than to "Remember and be sad". This shows the contrast between speakers being selfish to being selfless. In this quote she confirms that she doesn't want her lover to feel hurt in her absence. The speaker mentions to "hold me by the hand"; this demonstrates the clear and distinct relationship between the two lovers. This quote uses the technique of alliteration, of the letter h, this is a soft sound which shows the gentleness in their relationship. Monosyllable words don't flow well with other words and Christina Rossetti used monosyllable words to reflect upon the upset and disjointed mind she has. This quote shows the intimacy of their relationship. It also had the connotations of not letting go of something; the speaker wants her lover to keep hold of her. This is a gesture that occurs between two lovers which reveals that the speaker is in fact talking to her loved one. The structured poem constantly revealed the love the speaker felt for her partner. Christina Rossetti had written this poem during the Victorian era, this was when the poems were more structured. The sonnet created the effect of the speaker revealing her feelings and letting her emotions out. Christina Rossetti may have chosen to write this poem because she had also lost the one she loved. In Remember the themes of loss and separation are constantly explored.  

A Mother in a refugee camp. The title says it all, it is a poem about a mother in a refugee camp, but it also shows how a mother tragically...
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