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Pob Sba - Marketing

By 18Will Jan 17, 2013 992 Words

I would like to thank everyone who made the completion of this task possible. Firstly, I would like to thank my teacher for ensuring I met my deadlines and for helping me in every way possible. I will like to thank the students of Iere High School who completed and returned my questionnaires. Thanks to Kelvin E. George, for instilling in me the knowledge that I needed to assess my information. Special thanks to my parents for providing all the materials that I needed, and for giving me support and encouragement. Lastly, all praises to God for creating me in his image and likeness, and for giving me the physical and mental strength to complete this SBA.


Iere High School is a secondary school located in the town of Siparia, which lies in the St. Patrick East District of Trinidad.

Facebook is a social networking website. It is used by people all around the world (mostly young people) for interaction between friends, family and even meeting new people. It is also used for uploading and sharing photos and videos, sharing thoughts and ideas, playing games etc.

Most of the students at Iere High School, use the social networking website and many of them spend long hours playing games and chatting with friends on the website.

Statement of Problem

How does the Facebook Website Affect the Academic Performance of the Students of Iere High School?

Reasons for Selecting the Area of Research

This area of research was selected as a result of my observance that most of the students of Iere High School that I interact with, spend hours on the social website called Facebook.

Method of Investigation

I have decided to use printed questionnaires as my Method of Investigation.

The advantages of using printed questionnaires as a Method of Investigation are:

1) It saves time

2) It is not a costly method

3) It is confidential

4) It can be filled out at respondents’ own timing

The disadvantages of using printed questionnaires as a Method of Investigation are:

1) All questionnaires may not be returned

2) Respondents might return questionnaires after the survey is already completed

3) Some respondents might give inaccurate answers

Instrument Used to Collect Data

75 Morrison St.


Point Fortin.

Dear students,

I am currently pursuing a course in CXC Social Studies at the ordinary level. As part of this course, I am required to do a school based assessment (SBA). I am therefore conducting a survey which forms the basis for my SBA.

I am seeking to find out how does Facebook affect the academic performance of Iere High School students?

Please answer all the questions by placing a check ( ) in the space provided where necessary. Please be aware that this questionnaire is very confidential since you are not required to give your name.

Thank you very much for your kind co-operation.

Faithfully submitted,


Alysha Wilson.


Age:11-12 years old:13-14 years old:15-16 years old:Over 16:


1. Do you have a personal account on the social networking site, Facebook?


2. If yes, do you time yourself when using this site?


3. How long have you been a member of this site?

Less than 1 year:1-2 years:2-3years:More than 3 years:

4. How many of your friends use the site?

A few:Most:All:

5. How much time do you spend on this site?

Less than 1 hour:1-2 hours:2-3 hours:More than 3 hours:

6. How much time do your friends usually spend on the web site?

Less than 1 hour:1-2 hours:2-3 hours:More than 3 hours:

7. Do you ever exceed your time limit?


8. How often do you visit this site?

Every day:A few days per week:Once per week:

Twice per month:Once per month:

9. Which activity do you engage in mostly on the site?

Playing games:Chatting with friends and family:

Sharing/viewing music/videos:Making new friends:


10. What other activities do you engage in when using the site? Thick as many as you like.

Playing games:Chatting with friends and family:

Sharing/viewing music/videos:Making new friends:


11. Is more of your time spent on this site rather than your studies?


12. After extended periods of time on the site, do you find yourself tired and or sleepy during class?


13. Generally speaking, do you think that you spend too much time on the site?


14. Do you think this site has benefitted you in any way?


15. If yes to number 14, how has it benefitted you? _________________________________


16. Are you currently doing well academically?


17. Since you have joined this site, has there been a decline in your academic performance?


18. If yes, do you think your involvement in this site has anything to do with it? State a reason.


State reason:


19. Do you have internet access at home?


20. If not, where do you get access to the internet?

At a friend’s home:At school:At the library:

At an internet café:Other:

Procedure Used to Collect Data

Iere High School has an approximation of at least 600 students. I have decided to print 50 questionnaires which represents a little under 10% of the school population, in order to get the information for my survey. Since there are six forms in my school, at least eight questionnaires will be allotted per form. Some forms have only two classes, while the other forms have three classes. Therefore on average, three to four questionnaires will be distributed per class. I will personally distribute all the questionnaires; ensuring that students of various religious, ethnic, social and economic backgrounds are selected.

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