The Benefits and Risks of Using Facebook

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The Benefits And Risks Of Using Facebook

Facebook as we all know is a social networking website launched in February 2004. Its aim was that users can add people as friends, send them messages and update their personal profiles to notify friends about themselves Some of the Benefits are:

* Facebook is considered a social networking site and, if used as such, can be a good way to make connections with people with similar interests and goals. Facebooking can be a way to connect with or "meet" people that a student may not have had the opportunity to before-including other students, staff, faculty and even alumni. * Thanks to Facebook, meeting someone in person has become a thing of the past. Making friends is as easy as "Facebooking"-it can create new friendships and renew old ones. Thus, meeting people and staying connecting with classmates and friends is a major benefit of Facebook. Facebook offers campus surveys, "party" or event listings and other information that communicates the "pulse" of a campus culture. Therefore, Facebook can be a great way to understand and stay connected to one's campus community as a whole. * Facebook offers advertising to its subscribers. Whether a student creates a "party" for an upcoming event or pays the $5 for 10,000 "hits" for an ad, Facebook is a GREAT way to advertise as a student organization, club, Greek chapter, team, etc. * Most importantly, Facebook offers students the opportunity to create a positive self-image. Facebook profiles gives students a chance to create the image of themselves that they want people to see by putting their best qualities "out there." This shows that a students care about their reputations and (to a certain extent) what people think about them-whether its their peers, University faculty and administrators, or future employers.  

Some of the Risks are:
* Students can be stalked by strangers (or even acquaintances) because of the detailed and specific information students post...
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