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Topics: Ethics, Target market, Target Pages: 8 (2256 words) Published: December 14, 2014

1. Conceptualize a business idea and talk about it with friends and families to determine its viability. Think of all the aspects - money, where, what type, good or service, employees, marketing, laws, ethics, technology, etc. 2. Obtain a copy of the actual guidelines in the Syllabus as given by CXC. 3. Pay special attention to the marks allocated to each part, the word limit, the presentation requirements and the deadlines as given by your teacher. 4. Determine whether you are writing the Production, Marketing or Finance aspect of the SBA. Ensure your business idea can lend itself to the aspect chosen. E.g. If you are doing a Production SBA, ensure you are making something. A Finance SBA requires you to give much details about the actual figures and a background in POA can be an asset. Marketing SBAs tend to lend itself to most SBAs. 5. PLAGIARISM IS NOT AN OPTION. BE ORIGINAL. BE CREATIVE. BE REALISTIC. 6. Ensure you start saving and backing up all material written/typed from the get go. Save on your desktops, on your flash drives and most importantly, email it to yourself. You will then have access to it from anywhere and you will not have the unfortunate experience of losing it at the worst possible time. Not to confuse yourself from first drafts to final drafts, save with appropriate names or dates to make it easier. 7. Just get started!!!

8. Once started, use the correct tense throughout the SBA, i.e. future tense, unless writing about an existing business and referring to things done in the past. DO NOT use first person when writing research material but instead use the third person. E.g. the researcher or the entrepreneur no I and me. Present research material in font size 12 and double space all work or font size 14 and use 1.5 spacing. Cover pages must be completed in duplicate and should include: student name, school code, school, subject, registration number and date submitted. All pages should be numbered and a Table of Contents (with page numbers) included as well. A bibliography should also be included. An appendix can be used to insert charts and graphs. Acknowledgements are optional but marks not deducted if not used.

1. Description of the Business – Should include the name of business, type of business, name and number of entrepreneurs, product/s, location, unique selling points, finance requirements, limitations, number of employees, reason for selected that business, potential for growth in the short and long term, history of operations if already in existence, etc.

2. Justification of Location – Should include the actual location/s of the business and at least 4 reasons for choosing that location. Check textbook for help with this if at a lost.

3. Selection of Appropriate Labour- Should include the type of labour needed, e.g. skilled, unskilled and managerial. A table can be used here if numerous. Describe briefly the job of each category of labour needed and identify the number of workers required. Discuss the method/s which will be used to recruit these workers.

4. Sources of Fixed and Working Capital – Should include a brief definition of fixed and working capital and provide examples of each which will be used in your particular business. Again, if numerous, present with a table and then expand. Additionally, identify specifics as to the sourcing of these capital assets. E.g. where will you be getting the building, money, stock, etc.

5. Role of the Entrepreneur – Identify the entrepreneur/entrepreneurs by name and discuss their duties/responsibilities in the business. Be specific about the key roles of the entrepreneur which are sourcing capital, decision-making and co-ordinating the factors of production.

6. Type of Production – Briefly identify the type/s of production in use by the business and say why. Types of production are extractive, manufacturing or construction and services. Or some...
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