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"Where you'll find the ride of your dreams"

Name: Garth Wong
Registration Number: ______________________
School: Ardenne High School
Territory: Jamaica
Year: 2012

Name of Owner- Garth Wong
Type of Business- Partnership
Description of Business:
Washy's Car Mart & Auto Supplies distributes the best quality cars and parts at the best bargain in the cooperate area. We supply a wide variety of vehicles from the Japanese Development Market (JDM), these include: Sedans, SUVs, Coupes, Wagons, Utility trucks, Motorbikes etc. The company has a strict policy of importing only accident free motor cars; this is based on our strong commitment to offer quality and precise performance in our vehicles. We offer an 18 month warranty on all purchases including free servicing, diagnostics tests and wheel alignment. We offer both new and used parts for all Japanese make vehicles. Our highly rated service team consists of trained and experienced engineers in the automotive industry

Target Market
We have selected and segmented our market which would be identified as middle class workers/ families. This is solely on the fact that majority of the population in the corporate area falls under that category. Having done the necessary market research on consumers specific needs in this market we have concluded that our motor vehicles will be ideal for middle income individuals. This includes teachers, nurses, social workers, doctors, law enforcement officers etc. Information from both primary and secondary sources illustrate that these targeted consumers can afford and are willing to purchase automobiles that are within the price range of One million dollars (1,000,000) and Two million five hundred thousand dollars.(2,500,000) They should also be reliable, inexpensive to repair or service and have parts readily available.

Marketing Strategies
We attract potential customers with our competitive prices and flexible payment plans with low interest rates. We have segmented our target customers and prepare our marketing plan to attract these individuals. We have special concession offers to Government workers on all vehicles. We also offer new drivers a 5% discount on purchase of motor vehicles.


The CEO is responsible for the top down management of the company. He/she makes the final critical decisions about how to invest huge amounts of corporate cash and reports directly to the board of directors and the company's owners (the shareholders). An operations manager has four areas of responsibility: supervising staff, project management working with clients and acting as a resource A sales manager will recruit, train and motivate salesmen.

The service manager is accountable for defining this release and putting the project in motion to get it out the door. This involves working with the initial service consumer(s) to go over requirements, get the interface defined, build, test, deploy

WASHY’S CARMART & AUTO SUPPLIES was founded by Luis Suarez and Garth Washington Wong whom is the active partner of the business. Garth funded his part of the business with a bank loan; this allowed the firm to purchase a lot on Constant Spring rd where the business currently resides. All major decisions are discussed with the sleeping partner Mr. Suarez; however, they are undertaken by Garth Wong. Our staff team consists of a General Manager in addition to two (2) Sales Managers, Service Manager and an Operation Manager. Our sales managers work independently of each other, one allocated to the car sales area and the other to...
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