International Marketing

Topics: Target market, Automobile, Toyota Pages: 2 (626 words) Published: October 20, 2010
Chapter 10
Brand and Product Decision in Global Marketing
Case 10-2 the Smart car

1. What is Smart`s competitive advantage? Its brand image? * Smart`s competitive advantage is a eco-friendly car with a specific emphasis on fuel economy and parking ease. This car is efficient and affordable. Their conception is providing tiny high-class quality cars with almost no damage on environment. They also give the opportunity for customization by switching the panels on the car. Their brand image is the same as the name of the car. My impression of Smart is an elegant and clever car, and their giving the vehicle a luxury image by using Mercedes-Bens. 2. Assess the U.S market potential for the Smart. Do you think the car will be a success? Why or why not? The economic crisis has strongly affected American people. This car may appeal to people who are struggling financially and can’t afford an expensive vehicle, but still wanting a stylish and efficient car. Since the gas prices are growing they may want to buy an electric engine Smart car which requires little gas. In a world where we are concerned about global warming the demand for eco-friendly cars is increasing. I think the car will be a success by the reason that the producers take social responsibility, and they are moving along with trends. It fits people in everyday life, and people in U.S use their car literally everywhere.

3. Indentify other target markets into which you would introduce this car. What sequences of countries would you recommend for the introduction? Target markets could have been people with several family members, who drive a car daily, elderly people and students who live in cities. These markets could be ypeople who drive in cities with traffic jams. It could be in cities where people think about being eco-friendly, and how the use of car is affecting in global warming. I would have recommended this car in well-developed countries in cities with high-population density....
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