Stratsim Simulation Swot Analysis Firm 2c

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MKT 601 Strategic Marketing Plan
SWOT analysis
Team 2C

* SWOT Analysis

Strengths| Weakness|
• Firm C has 100% market share in Minivan category.• Technology capabilities are high. (Firm C has the highest rating in Safety rating and Quality rating across all firms.)• Consumer segments: Firm C is dominant in the high-income segment (56.9%) which is growing faster than average (4% vs. 3%). This means high potential for selling more than car market average.• Diverse offering of cars (a price range of 25k-45k). This provides more stability across different consumer segments.| • Manufacturing capability is low. Will become a weakness if the company attempts to sell less expensive, more popular cars.• No significant market share in any of the popular categories (Family, Economy). Most units are sold in the popular Family category, in which firm C has only 13% of the market (4th).• High dependency on the high income consumer segment, and low market share in the Singles and Enterprises segments which are the fastest growing segments (5% and 7% respectively).• Highest margins and number of units sold are in the Family category, where firm C is least competitive (and is more likely to struggle). In the Minivan category, where the company is the only player, margins are very low.| Opportunities| Threats|

• Dominate the Luxury category. Firm C is one of only two competitors in this category which is the fastest growing category (8%) in the market. Also, competition is neck-to-neck in ratings (4-2-2-2 vs. 2-4-2-2).• Gain a significant share in the Family category. The dominant advertising theme in the category is Styling (Effiz, Defy, Cafav) but the competitors have a rating of 1 while Cafav has a rating of 2.• Entering the Sports category. There is currently only one firm in this category (firm B with 'Buzzy'), and this is a category in which technology capabilities are significant in order to produce a car with high ratings. Other competitors,...
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