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New plant in Huntsville, Alabama
Project Risk, Communication Plan & Documentation

Name: Olatunbosun Osuro
Instructor: Gloria Durham
PM 586 Project management systems
Phone: 612-220-0454

Project Communication Plan
Project communication plan defines the generation and distribution of a project documents among project stakeholders throughout the project (Clements, 2009). Project communication plan will allow stakeholders to have a medium of sharing information efficiently among the project team. It’s very important to share information for the successful completion of a project. As the Project Manager I will make use of the communication plan tool to provide directions to stakeholders, highlights issues, risks, and project constraints through verbal or written communication. Having project communication plan tool will allow project participants to have knowledge about status of project and ways it affects task packages for each team members. The communication plan will lay out ways that is acceptable to communicate during the project duration. Email will be the primary communication medium, while phone will be the secondary medium of communication. If when discussion needs to be further explained, there would be backup with email confirmation on the matter discussed. In order to bridge the gap between the email and the phone communication medium periodic face to face meeting will be scheduled as required. Documentation of the project will be store on Microsoft SharePoint of the company, so that other members of the team can gain accessibility to it and make further suggestion on ways to improve the documentation and what can be extracted from it. The use of periodic face to face meeting will help avoid any conflicts between team members and board of directors of Seitz cooperation. It’s very important for Project Manager and team members to make use of active listening and feedbacks approach during face to face meeting....

Cited: Clements, G. &. (2009). Successful Project Management. In J. Gido, & J. P. Clements, Successful Project Management (p. 416 and 284). Cengage Learning.
MS project for Huntsville New Plant Construction
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