Group Behavior and Process

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How do groups become a high performance team:

Stressing the importance of a clear and elevating goal in performance of an effective team. Goal clarity is a specific performance objective, phrased in such concrete language that it is possible to tell, unequivocally, whether or not that performance objective has been attained challenging and that it makes a difference. Possibly be the most important component of an effectively functioning team, it appears to be even more critical for a team. a team member need to understand much more so than co-located teams what goal they are working towards because they may be working in such different areas, and in some cases in different countries.

It plays a much stronger role if you know what your ultimate goal is going to be. And that everyone is working towards the same thing. Further work on the performance of teams and demonstrates a positive correlation between empowerment and team performance. They define empowerment as having four dimensions, two of which, potency and impact significantly overlap the concepts of goal clarity and elevation.

Team structure is a key factor which differentiates successful teams from unsuccessful ones. Team structure encompasses many aspects such as tools, processes, communications systems, facilities, and organization of the team. However, the best structure depends on the objectives and composition of the team.

Teams tend to be very effective in project development tasks. However, the lack of face to face contact can be a challenge in building agreement. For decision-making teams, having the right team composition can help to overcome this. Collectivistic teams have higher levels of collaborative conflict management than individualistic teams, and are motivated more by outcomes which benefit the entire team.

Research has also shown that highly diverse or heterogeneous teams outperform homogenous teams in many performance measures, though they take longer to reach consensus. Vitality can be beneficial for highly diverse teams since it obfuscates potentially divisive demographic differences.

There are four necessary features of effective team structure, which apply equally to virtual teams, but become more challenging.
First, team members must have clear roles and accountabilitlies. Lack of visibility may cause

virtual team members to feel less accountable for results, therefore explicit facilitation of teamwork takes on heightened importance for virtual teams. Temporal coordination mechanisms such as scheduling deadlines and coordinating the pace of effort are recommended to increase accountability.

Second, teams required effective communications systems.
Third a effective team should monitor individual performance and provide feedback. Finally, teams must rely on fact-based decision making, for which information and communication tools are vital. Teams can adapt decision-making software to facilitate fact- based problem solving and decision-making. They might also assign one person to ensure accurate information is clearly communicated.

A critical element in high - performance teams is to create functional diversity among the team.

Conflict of management approach:

Conflict is inevitable in business relationships, just as it is in social relationships. Without

conflict, growth is limited. Conflict is feared and avoid by many managers because they do not

know how to deal with it. Unresolved conflict can be as poisonous to the productivity of a

company as the virus is to a computer. Having an understanding about how people deal with

conflict give managers an additional tool for managing effectively. Throughout the many views

on conflict, one thing remain the same. The conflict management styles are precisely defined

exact categories and each and every one of us fit into one or more of them. Here is an example...
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