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Name: Vo Chi Cong
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Table of contents
About the Company3
Company History3
Subsidiary of Sony Corporation3
Mission Statement3
Situation Analysis4
Internal Analysis4
Key Excutives4
Board of Directors4
Product detail5
SWOT Analysis6
External Analysis7
Competitors7, 8, 9
Marketing Mix10
Marketing Objectives10
Marketing Strategies11,12
Implement & Control the Marketing Plan13
About the Company
Company History
Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. The company was established on November 16, 1993 in Tokyo, Japan. Sony got into the console gaming market in late 1994 (December 3, 1994). The concept for the original PlayStation (under different name, SNES – CD) was bought up in a joint partnership between Sony and Nintendo in late 80’s. When the time came to announce SNES – CD, Nintendo’s Hiroshi Yamauchi re-read over their contract between Sony and Nintendo and found the agreement to nolonger be satisfactory. As a result, Sony took all the research they had done before and the name “PlayStation” was born. Brand: Video Entertainment

Research & Development of Harware and Software
Game Development Studio
Subsidiary of Sony Corporation
2nd largest Japanese electronic company
Slogan: “Make Believe”
Score business: Entertainment electronic
Mission Statement:
“To become a leading global provider of networked consumer electronics, entertainment and service.” Situation Analysis
Internal Analysis
Key Excutives:
Ryoji Chubachi: President and Electronics CEO
Howard Stringer: Chairman and CEO
Katsumi Ihara: Excutive Deputy President, Officer in charge of Consumer Product Group Yakuta Nakagawa: Excutive Deputy President, Officer in charge of Semiconductor and Componet Group Board of Directors:

Ryoji Chubachi
Howard Stringer
Katsumi Ihara
Yotaro Kobayashi
Akishige Okada
Yoshikiko Miyauchi
Yoshiaki Yamauchi
Sir Peter Bonfield
Fueo Sumita
Fujio Cho
Ryuji Yasuda
Sakie T. Fukushima
Sony has over 163,000 (information from CNN) employees in many sector from gaming hardware and software to music and movies and more. Product detail
120713524193500PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 3 Slim
Launch date:
PlayStation 3November 11, 2006
PlayStation 3 SlimSeptember 1, 2009
At launch$599.99
Unit sold55.5 million (September 30, 2011)
Market share (7th gen-consoles)27%
PlayStation 3 PlayStation 3 Slim
CPU Cell Broadband Engine TM Cell Broadband Engine TM
Hard Disk 20, 40, 60, 120GB 2.5” ATA 120, 160, 250, 320GB 2.5” ATA Controller Wireless Controller Wireless Controller
AV Output Full HD Full HD
External Dimentions 325 x 98 x 247mm 290 x 65 x 290mm
Mass 3.2 kg 3.2 kg
Prices $249.99 $299.99
SWOT Analysis
Hight – quality hardware outlasts most of competitor’s hardware Free Online Gaming
PlayStation Network Store for downloadable contents
Outstanding service
Strong brand name of both Sony and PlayStation
Strong multimedia support
Bluray function
Hight Price (PS3 started with $599.99)
Hight Price of Software build on Blu-ray and HD-DVD format ($60 - $70 each) Less innovation compare to Wiimote
The world of HD movies lead Sony’s PS3 increase more attractive movie buffs. Growing Countries with improving living standards can help Sony make more money. The biggest competitor in gaming – console, Nintendo, unable to develop next – gen so Sony’s PS3 could convice people buy PS3s. Cheapeast Bluray player available

The growing of the “bad boy” competitor – Microsft Xbox 360 – can quitly turning people who interested in PS3s to meet their budget in software gaming needs. The economic crisis pull down the number of PS3s revenue.

HD – DVD may become the new HD standard
External Analysis
Sony Playstation 3( PS3) has the main...

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