Nintendo 3DS

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Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo 3DS is one of the most successfull Nintendo console’s ever. It was released in February, 26th, 2011 in Japan. Nintendo 3DS has developed in a lot of ways from its previous model, Nintendo 2DS. The most noticable impovement is in its new settings, e.g. functions such as StreetPass and SportPass, which respond for various internet connection without using specific programmes, and ability of showing 3D effect without 3D sunglasses. Nintendo 3DS has made an enormous impact on the world’s market after its release. Even because of the product’s highly regarded price, the product was selling very effectively. Its huge distribution allowed the company to sale amazing 11.4 million of units for the year 2011. After the first few months after the Nintendo 3DS’s release, product’s price was cut by approximately one third; it resulted the sale to increase by 260% during the first 3 weeks of selling perioud. Nintendo 3DS is targeting all types of target audiences. Their goal is to make their games availaible for everyone, regardless to their age, gender or experience. The other main characteristic of this console is its specific games, which differentiate from its competitors. Pokemon and Mario editions belongs to the main brand strengths.

Marketing objectives:
Nintendo 3DS is an ambitious product made by Nintendo company, which had been successfully sold in the worldwide market. It has a high ability to compete with its competitors ar the market, e.g. playstation vita product, or the new smartphones released. The company has sold for about 44.14 million of its product since the current days. Their main objective is to differentiate from their main competitors in the market in their unique way, e.g. developing games, which are specificly relevant to the to their brand. There are a lot of different ways of which Nintendo increase their brand awareness. They create specific presentations of their new game console’s, including Nintendo 3DS....
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