Plastic Surgery

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The Effect of Plastic Surgery on Teenagers
I) Introduction ( Thesis statement)
Plastic surgery is one of procedures in medical process. It was a huge success in giving someone a new life. It was use to correct unattractive facial features that can attract ridicule as they were generally accepted. Unlike special patient who undergo plastic surgery to repair their unattractive features, teenagers do plastic surgery to fit in without realising the effect in the future. There is other type of plastic surgery that doesn’t involve cutting and stitching such as the use of special lasers to remove unwanted hair and sanding skin to improve severe scarring. II) Body (topic sentences)

A. Plastic surgery does bring positive effects and negative effects to teenagers, both types of effect can bring causes towards teenagers emotional

1) The effect of plastic surgery of teenagers towards emotional

a) According to The Straits Times ( Low and Lim, 2011)
* It has been observed that many individuals undergoing plastic surgery tend to suffer from an obsession or an infatuation with their look. This can cause an addiction and may impel them to undergo plastic surgery several times. A common psychological disorder in this regard is known as ‘body dimorphic disorder’, where people develop such a distorted and weird perception of their body that they can’t be satisfied with any look.

b) According to Centre For Human Appearance (2005)
* Found that a year after receiving cosmetic surgery, 87% of patient reported stratification following their surgery including improvement in their overall body image and the body feature altered. They also experience less negative body image, emotion in social situation.(Aesthetic Surgery Journal, vol 25, p. 263-269)

c) According to Diagnostic And statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (1987) * Several studies show that 7 to 12 percent of plastic surgery patient have same form...
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