Underage Plastic Surgery

Topics: Adolescence, Plastic surgery, Breast implant Pages: 2 (428 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Abdul (Roset) Osman
Dr. Mandelkern
English A100
31 January 2013
Underage and Under the Knife
It seems that teens live in an image-obsessed society, where they are often judge solely on the way they look. Quite recently among girls under the age of eighteen, pursue their ambition to either enhance their physical appearance or deformities through plastic surgery. Although there may be possibilities of risk, adolescences that undergo the procedure are willing to accept them in order to feel comfort with one’s own body. Emotionally, patients are at risk by making the decision, which will have long-term repercussions. Several underage women consider that plastic surgery is a swift fix for their physical, and in turn, their emotional problems. The idea of plastic surgery for girls who are under the age of eighteen is completely immoral. Breast augmentation surgery, one type of plastic surgery, can impact a woman's ability to breastfeed when she becomes a mother; and even later, it means a different mammogram protocol since the implants can, in some cases, obscure lumps or tumors. The risk factor for having a procedure done is quite extreme for the pursuit of a more physically attractive appearance. One of the most common reasons for breast augmentation among young adolescence is self-esteem issues which correlate with bullying from their cohorts. Even though plastic surgery can bring about a positive outlook in every aspect of a teenagers life, some lack to evaluate the emotional consequence suck as delusional thinking about their self-image, which comes along with the procedure. Another motive for plastic surgery among adolescences is for the reason being they were bullied, teased, or picked on in their school which is a poor reason for teens to have plastic surgery done to them. Using this method as alternate escape route to avoid becoming a victim among their peers is senseless, especially since young women are eighteen years of age if not...
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