Cosmic surgery on teens
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Cosmic surgery on teens

1. Give an outline of the various views on plastic surgery for teenagers, which are presented in text 1 and 2.
Text 1. Plastic surgery for teens – Valerie Ulene
Valerie Ulene is saying that she believes that altering the way you look before you’re even done developing seems ridiculous. Although she admits, that when she were a teen, she sometimes fantasized about getting her nose ‘done’. She also says that facing the tremendous pressure to look attractive and beautiful can convince the teens that plastic surgery would be a good idea. Plastic surgery improving teens self-esteem is also briefly discussed in the text. Many plastic surgeons claim that cosmetic procedures are not just improving the teens appearances, but also their self-esteem. Although there is really no data to suggest that it improves their overall body image or self-esteem at all. If the teenagers have problems in their life, the problems will not necessarily just go away after a plastic operation.
Valerie Ulene does also point out the parents, that in the end are left with the choice of either letting their children get the procedures done, or not. She has a daughter herself and do recognize how difficult life as a teen can be, although she would not allow her daughter to have a cosmic surgery done as long as she is a teen. Dr. John Canedy, president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons says about teens being mature: “teens need to be mature enough to understand what the surgery can and cannot do for them.”

Text 2. Seeking Self-Esteem Through Surgery – Camille Sweeney
In this text we get introduced to 18 year old Kristen who as a graduation gift received a breast implant surgery from her parents. Kristen says that before her breast job, she did not feel normal looking. Her thoughts were not abnormal though. She was raised in a culture of celebrity obsession, makeover TV shows and her mom and elder sister have both got breast implants. But to

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