Plan to Improve Correctional Facilities

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Plan to Improve Correctional Facilities

Week 5 Assignment 2
Some women in jail may have committed similar crimes as their male counterparts. Most women inmates live in the same conditions as men inmates do, yet women inmates face issues that are far more different than male inmates. The purpose of this paper is to point out some of the issues women inmates face in their everyday life in prison, and offer suggestions as to improve those issues.

Overall, the population of women in the criminal justice system is the fastest growing (Ramirez, 2012). Women in prison have gone up over twenty percent and over fifteen percent in probation. Another staggering percentage is women arrested after getting out which is thirty percent of sixty released, Ramirez (2012). Most crimes committed by women who are incarcerated are nonviolent crimes, most of which are drug related (Kravitz, 2010).

While the population of women in prison has risen, there has not been a rise of women prisons. Because of the lack of prisons which number around 170 state wide (Kravitz, 2010), women are more likely to be in a prison that is far away from their families. With most women in prison suffering from mental illness that is not always treated right, women are more potential to inflict bodily harm to themselves, and the numbers go up being farther away from their families, Kravitz (2010).

Many women that are imprisoned today are mothers. (Ramirez, 2012) points out that the number of children with mothers in prison has tripled in the last two decades and over 60,000 women are mothers of minor children. With not a lot of contact and worrying what is happening to their children, it is easy to see why stress levels are high among jailed women and in turn have a hard time in prison, especially if they are first time offenders. Week 5 Assignment 3

Now of course some would argue that women do not need special favors, new jails, or even improvement within prison walls. Their argument...
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