Criminal Justice System: An Overview

Topics: Police, Criminal justice, Crime Pages: 14 (5065 words) Published: November 6, 2013

Everest University
Senior Capstone Experience
Beverly Turner
Instructor: Mark McWilliams
Team B
Week 11

In Criminal Justice System there are few components. Every component plays an important role in our system functions. The Law Enforcement responds to crime which is reported and takes necessary measures to investigate and make an arrest if the suspect is found. When the suspect is booked, the court will get involved, a prosecutor will review facts of the case and charge the suspect, the defendant will go in front of a judge, it will either be settle for a plea bargain or taken for a chance of a trail. After that defendant will either enter into a jail or prison to serve their time or be placed on probation or alternative to incarcerating.

Once being sentenced defendants can share issues, some can be ethical concern regarding how our judicial system is functioning. Ethical concerns come within the judicial system which can be range from discretion, use of force, corruption and police misconduct. These concerns are definitely affecting our judicial system and how it can impact the system as the whole from convicted to the outsider who can lose respect and faith on our government.

Some of the areas have increasing women and crime. Through the years the number has been rising when it comes to women being incarcerated as the length of their incarceration. Women in this day and time are committing serious accesses which are giving lengthy prison terms, even life imprisonment. Young ladies are going front of the judge as a minor offenses for drugs and theft.

A. Overview of the Criminal Justice System

Name, define and discuss the roles of the three main components of the criminal justice system. Choose the component you think is the most effective and discuss why. Then, choose the component you feel is the least effective and needs to be changed. Discuss the specific changes you would make to the chosen component and why these changes would make it more effective if implemented. The criminal justice system component law enforcement I will be discussing on is the law enforcement which the officers take reports for crimes that happen in their area. Also officers investigate crimes and gather and protect evidence. They also officer may arrest offenders, give testimony during the court, and conduct follow-up investigation if needed. The second components I will be speaking about are correction which officers supervise convicted offenders when they are in jail, in prison, or in community on probation or parole. Few communities, corrections officers prepare pre-sentencing reports with extensive background information about the offender to help judges on making sentences. Job of corrections officers is to make sure the facilities that hold offenders are secure and safe. They oversee the day-to day custody of inmates. Oversee the release process for inmates and sometimes notify victims of changes in the offender's status. Preventing and controlling conduct and behavior which can be threatening to life and property, helping those in danger of physical harm and creating and maintaining a feeling of security in communities. Under the United States Supreme Court Weeks v. United States the Fourth Amendment, Federal courts and officers are limitations and restraints in the exercise of their power and authority to secure the individual, their persons, houses, papers and effects against all unreasonable searches and seizures under the guise of law. Police effectiveness, is the fear of crime and punitive attitudes are important aspect of public attitudes toward crime and justice in the United States. Police strategies reflect departmental values that reflect community values. Police may influence decisions to report crime. Fear of crime and punitive attitudes can influence policy making and law making by government agencies, as public support or opposition may determine...
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