The Adult Offender

Topics: Prison, Crime, Criminal justice Pages: 2 (630 words) Published: August 30, 2014
1. What has been the primary factor in the growth in the number of individuals under correctional supervision over the past twenty years? The primary factor in the growth of individuals under correctional supervision in the past twenty years has been due to tougher laws, correctional supervision also has a broader scope of people under supervision and there are more offenders that are sentenced with drug and property offences. Correctional supervision also includes people out on bond, probation and parole. 2. Compare the increase in females versus males in terms of the number under correctional supervision.

There has been a dramatic increase in the number of females under supervision on 1999, 21% were on probation and 11% in local jails, 6% in prision and 12% on parole. By 2010 the female population was 6.8%. The annual growth of the female population was 2.4% compared to 1.7% of male population. From 2000 to 2010 the rate of males increased 15% whereas the number of females increased 23%.

3. What does William Wilbanks say about the presence of racism in the criminal justice system and what do most researchers believe is the reason for the disproportionate number of minorities under correctional supervision?

William Wilbanks states that the "perception of the criminal justice system as racist is a myth". Most researchers believe that disproportion results from the fact that minorities are disproportionately involved in crime as both the perpetrators and victims.

4. How has the age of offenders changed?.
The age of offenders have changed due to longer prison sentences and the bell shaped curve of prison population is leveling out. Most prisoners were age 30 to 35 with very few old or young offender. The contributing factors is that America's population is aging and inmates are serving longer sentences.

5. What percentage of people arrested for violent felonies are male?
The percentage of males arrested for violent felonies are 80.5%.

6. What...
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