issues that womwn face in prison

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Issues that Women have to face in prison
Women in our prison system have to face many problems that affect their lives and their love once. Women in prison have to face many issues such as victimization, unstable family life, school and work failure, substance abuse and health problems. Some of the social factors that have contributed to the imprisonment of more women are poverty, minority group member, single motherhood, and homeless. Unfortunately some critics argue that in the U.S. prisons are well equip to face these problems but the reality is that they’re not because women who get release from prison aren’t ready to reenter society because of the bad environment that imprisonment has created for them.

One of the worst problems that affect women the most is the separation children and significant others. . National surveys of women prisoners find that three-fourths of them were mothers, with two-thirds having children under the age of eighteen. Some of these surveys have argue that mothers in prison face multiple problems in maintaining relationships with their children and encounter obstacles created both by the correctional system and child welfare agencies. The distance between the prison and the children's homes, lack of transportation, and limited economic resources affect a woman prisoner's ability to maintain these relationships. Children of women in prison experience many hard problems. Children may be traumatized by the arrest of their mother and the sudden, forced separation imprisonment brings. Emotional reactions such as anger, anxiety, depression, and aggression have been found in the children of incarcerated mothers. While most children of imprisoned mothers live with relatives—typically grandparents a small percentage of these children are placed in the child welfare system. These conditions add up to the problems of maintaining contact with children or their families. Also the lack of substance abuse treatment in prison is another...
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