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Mady potts (20120 states in her essay that the interner contains thousands of forums that write essays for students. But what kind of essays? These essays are very expensive, full of grammar mistakes and most of them are not delivered on time. However, Howard and Davies(2009) show that teachers in universities are trying to avoid plagiarism by punishing and accusing the students who do so. They neglect the fact that students need to know the simple techniques of quoting, summarizing and paraphrasing and also to be oriented about the techniques for online searching with the presence of thousands of online sources. By comparing these two essays, i found that davies and howard essay is more convincing than the other for many reasons. First they have presented the problem and its solution rather than only the problem. Second they use a convincing tone rather than the unconvincing tone use by potts. Third, their essay contain much more examples and clarifications than the one by Potts.

Pott's essay and Howard and Davie's essay have a similar theme which is plagiarism in the presence of internet ; however, they vary by the way of presenting it. Davis and howard begin their essay by showing that plagiarism is one of the problems facing our students nowadays with the presence of internet. According to howard and davies(2009), "students don't need threats; students need pedagogy".(Howard and Davies,2009). According to Howard and Davies students should know the principle techniques of quoting, summarizing, paraphrasing and online searching. So they first expose the problem then developp its solution. On the other hand Potts restricts his essay only to present the problem which is students using internet forums to write essay instead of them. This is considered as plaigirism. She restricts the whole essay trying to show the disadvantages or the negative points or sides of these writing forums. Refering to potts, most of the essays arriving from these forums are full...
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