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PIZZA HUT was established on June 15 1958 in wichita university campus, wichita, kansas by two brothers FRANK and DAN CARNEY. The brothers had the concept of opening a pizza parlour which was relatively new during the 1950s and the potential of this business was seen by the two. They borrowed around six hundred dollars from their mother to buy second-hand equipments, machineries and rent a small space to open the first Pizza Hut. The next year, the second store was opened in Topeka, Kansas and within a decade Pizza Hut reached three hundred and ten Pizza parlours in various locations serving approximately a million people. In the year 1970, Pizza Hut already had 5,025 branches in the united states alone with half of it franchised. During the same year , the company in 1986 alone amounted to $2 billion. In the years 1990, the total sales of Pizza Hut reached $4 billion world wide. By the year 1996, the sales in the domestic market which is the United States, have reached over $5 million; the company had the largest share of the market in the same year for 46.4%. in the year 1998, Pizza Hut launched their campaign, “The Best Pizzas under one roof”, in celebration of the company’s 40th anniversary. COMPANY OVERVIEW:

Pizza Hut operates in ninety seven countries throughout the world. As of 2008, Pizza Hut had 7,564 units in the united states and 5,611 units outside the united states (source: Data moniter). Pizza Hut(UK), a privately held company, specialized in the operation of pizza restaurants and takeaways. Pizza Hut(UK) is a subsidiary of United states based Yum! Brands. The company primarily operates in the UK, with the Pizza Hut brand operating worldwide. Its headquartered in Borehamwood, UK. BUSINESS DESCRIPTION:

Pizza Hut (UK) specialized in the operation of pizza restaurants and takeaway services. The company operates in four distinct categories of menus: restaurant menu, children’s menu, collection menu, delivery and take-away menu. MAIN MENU:

Pizza Hut (UK) restaurant menu includes pizzas; starters and sides; pastas; salad station and salads; lunch buffet and light lunch; desserts, and drinks. The children’s menu includes pizza triangles, delicious margherita pizza, desserts, drinks and buffet. KEY EMPLOYEES:

The company’s key products and services include the following: Big New Yorker Pizza.
Quad Pizza.
The Edge Pizza.
Stuffed Crust Pizza.
Grand Pan Pizza.
Sicilian Pizza.
Italian Pizza
Twisted Crust Pizza.
4 For All Pizza.
Cheesy Bites.
Stuffed Crust.
Full service restaurants
Delivery and Take-Away service.
We take pride in making a perfect pizza and providing courteous and helpful service on time all the time. Every customer says, “I”ll be back!”. We are the employer of choice offering team members oppurtunities for growth, advancement, and rewarding careers in a fun, safe working environment. We are accountable for profitability in everthing we do, providing our shareholders with value growth. CORE VALUES: P.E.A.L.S.

PASSION for excellance in doing everthing
EXECUTE with positive energy and urgency.
ACCOUNTABLE for growth in customer satisfaction and profitability. RECOGNIZE the achievement of others and have fun doing it. LISTEN and more importantly, respond to the voice of the customer. MAJOR COMPETITORS:

Domino’s Pizza, Inc.
Papa John’s International, Inc.
McDonald’s Corporation
{text:list-item} In 1986 Pizza Hut introduced delivery service, which played a vital role in the career of Pizza Hut. Out of all existing Pizza chains, Pizza Hut had the largest market share, 46.4%. However, Pizza Hut’s market share has slowly eroded because of intense competition from their...
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