New Product Launch Part II
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New Product Launch Marketing Plan, Part III

Executive summary Pizza Hut has long been known for their ability to continually offer innovative products for their customers. Even with small beginnings, Pizza Hut has proven themselves through quality food, product expansion, and customer satisfaction as one of the top leading brands. As part of the Yum! Group of restaurants, Pizza Hut as grown and expanded both domestically and internationally. As a world recognized name, Pizza Hut has dominated with their original style of pizzas. To expand even further, the introduction of a new type of pizza is suggested. To answer the age old question of “Pizza or Chinese for dinner?” this proposal offers the new Chinese Supreme Pizza! More and more people are enjoying the convenience and ease of dining out or ordering in. It has become socially predominant for individuals to enjoy casual dining experiences. Pizza Hut is largely portrayed as a family restaurant offering quality food, reasonable prices, and a memorable experience. However, customers are more likely than before to demand additional choices and typically view the experience of dining out as a social event. Fast foods and pizza are typically preferred over higher end dining experiences. This gives Pizza Hut a prime place in the market both domestically and internationally. The Chinese Supreme Pizza will be a marketed as a specialty pizza and will be sold both domestically and within the Chinese market. The Chinese Supreme Pizza will include a sliced cheese stuffed crust and flavors inspired by locally perceived traditional Chinese flavors. The exact formula for the specialty pizza will vary from market to market based on these concepts. The following shall detail situational analysis, market growth potential, a competitive analysis, segmentation, target markets, and positioning. It is with these descriptions that the Chinese Supreme Pizza will conclude to reach younger individuals

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