Pizza Hut in Australia

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Hofstede’s Dimensions3


Social Class4


Legal System6

Starting a Business6

Economic System7

Economic Comparison Table8

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Pizza Hut in Australia


As we sitting down to dinner eating pizza from Pizza Hut and watching television, we see an ad for Australia and there eating habits. We wonder if Pizza Hut operates in Australia. Indeed, we found out that Pizza Hut is a successful franchise in Australia and counts “around 325 stores” (Our Story, 2008)In order to understand Pizza Hut’s success story in Australia, we are going to compare how Pizza Hut operates in Australia compare to the United States. We will decide evaluate which country is better for Pizza-Hut’s business.

The first Pizza Hut was implemented in 1958, in Wichita, Kansas and was soon after developed into a growing pizza franchise (Our Story, 2008). Pizza Hut is a food and service provider and is mainly a take-out service in Australia with a few places where an indoor dinning service is provided. Most of the items on the menu are similar in both countries. Australia also has a few specialties made of different types of meat such as “mildly smoked kransky” which is a smoked, spicy and juicy sausage made to the authentic Dutch recipe with cheese (Pizza Hut Australia). Australian also likes to replace tomato sauce with BBQ sauce on their pizza (Pizza Hut Australia). Since Pizza is in the food industries, they do not serve to any other country besides their own.

Pizza Huts premier target market in the United States and in Australia are students, families and Wi-Fi lovers. The company was able to attract families by introducing pasta in the menu. The Pizza Mia which is a large portions of pasta and only cost five dollars when you buy three or more of them” (Pizza Hut targets families in Pizza Mia launch, 2008). Paying a low price and getting enough to feed a family or a room filled with students are what made Pizza Hut so successful all around the world.

Hofstede’s Dimensions

Under Hofstede’s dimensions, the United States and Australia landed the top two spots, the US with 91 and Australia scoring 90 (itim International, 1967-2009). This means that society in both countries tend to look out for themselves and then for their families. The next highest score is in masculinity where again the United States was up by one point with 62 and Australia with 61. Masculinity refers to the male gender as the dominant character type and shows little caress. Australia overtook the United States in the Uncertainty Avoidance Risk dimension. Australia barely made it with a score of 51 and the US was lower scoring a 46. The last two of Hofstede’s dimensions for both the United States and Australia fall under 50. The United States scored a 40 for Power Distance and Australia scored a 36. On long-term Orientation the United States scored 29 with Australia a little higher at 31.


In geography, the United States and Australia differ slightly, the US is the world’s third-largest country by size and Australia is the sixth largest country but is the world’s smallest continent. The US is 1,890,000Km2 larger than Australia with 3% more water, about 13% more land in development and 4% more of forests. Australia has 29% more wild pastures than the United States (Students of the World, 2006). The United States highest point is approximately 6,194 m at Mt McKinley where Australia’s is 2,228 m at Mt Kosciusko. Huge differences between the two countries are the seasonal months, for example when it winter in the United States it is summer in Australia and when it is spring in the United States it is fall in Australia. In the United States it is typically moderate but varies from different parts; tropical in the south, dry in the Great Plains and Great Basin and, chilly in the Northwest during winter months. In...

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