Topics: Internet, Ethnic group, Race Pages: 2 (702 words) Published: February 9, 2013
Huan Xu
Assignment 1
* Economic Forces
1 In the recession and global market expansion, organizations have more focused on core competencies that are not relying on too much to supplier and partner relations to outsource components that are not core to their business. It services low prices for their customers. 2 After on September 11, 2001 disruption, the aggressive efforts by auto makers, they had discounted for their excess inventories and financed incentives, more customer could have low prices than before. 3 Compared to the past several years, reduce the price of construction’s raw materials, to increase economy of housing construction, this is one of the opportunities a new consumer save money on house purchases. 4 Discount for luxury brands. The luxury brands usually mean high quality and advanced price, sometimes, like Thanks given day, Christmas or New Year eve, they often have big discounts for their stuffs. So, clients can save their money. 5 The exchange rates lower than before between America and China. It is good news for oversea students and their families. Because all of Chinese students who study in US, they can pay low tuitions fees than used. * Social Forces

1 More and more American families with single parents and unrelated persons. The majority of divorced people remarry, so the blended family is given rise and one formed by the merging into a single household of two previously separated units. 2 Population shift to western and Sunbelt states, especially for California, Texas, and Florida. These three states accounted for 33% of the net population change; also there states gained more than three million persons each. 3 Almost one in four U.S. residents is African-American, American Indian, Asian, Pacific Islander, or a representative of another racial or ethnic group. Also Racial and ethnic groups tend to be concentrated in geographic regions. This is kind of American ethnic diversity. 4 Now, women are totally different...
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