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Pippi Longstocking

Astrid Lindgren

Publisher and Publication Date
Scholastic Inc.

Publication Date
Main Characters
Pippi, Tommy, Annika, Mr. Nilsson, and the horse

The ship and Pippi house Villa Villekulla

Plot Summary
Pippi Longstocking was a nine year old unusual girl with red pigtails that was not afraid of anything. Pippi had no mother and her father fell overboard during a storm and disappeared from the ship. Pippi didn’t buy the story that he wasn’t going to return. Pippi returned to her home Villa Villekulla with her monkey Mr. Nilsson and her horse. Pippi had her way of doing things and meeting new peoples the neighbors next door Tommy and Annika. Every moment was an exciting moment for Pippi as she attended school which was not the place for her, the circus where she took the show, even the moment as she was about to get robbed she entertain the burglaries for fun. Just as Pippi special day was about to end her father returned to Villa Villekulla. Pippi was indeed a remarkable and exciting child.

Pippi lived alone with no adult supervision.

Pippi father returned to Villa Villekulla in the small town in Sweden.

Author’s Purpose
The author wrote this story to entertain us to have a sense of humor.

Tone or Mood
This story was hilarious, encouraging and childlike. The hilarious part was when Pippi actually picked up a horse with one hand. The encouraging part was Pippi being independent. The childlike part was a 9 year old girl living alone.
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