Picnic by the Seaside

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Picnic By The Seaside
It was a beautiful Sunday morning, the sun shone high and the clouds in the blue sky seemed fluffier than usual.   Mom’s clear loud voice rang to my ears, jerking me up from staring at the sky- ‘Dear, get the mat in the car boot now!’ She then hurried off to chase my cousin, Andy, who was one year older than I was, into the back seat of the car.   Fifteen minutes later, we were heading to Morib Beach in Banting for a picnic.

      Reaching the beach, mom and dad spread out our belongings on a mat under a tree.   Quickly, changing into our swimming attire, Andy and I ran to the sea and waded through the warm blue- greenish waves of the sea.   The light breeze blew our hair back.   At the deeper part of the sea, Andy suggested we have a competition in swimming.

      ‘Madame, shall we start with ze freestyle?’ Andy asked, trying to imitate a French accent.

      I giggled, nodding my head.

      ‘On your marks, ready… get set... GO! ‘

      Andy and I splashed through the rough sea waves, each trying to reach the shore first.   Surprisingly, when I came out from the water, Andy was still a meter away.   Next, we tried out breaststroke, which Andy won with ease; that made our score a draw of 1:1.   As for the final round, we swam backstroke.   Using full might, we pushed ourselves forward, trying hard to reach the shore first.

      ‘Yeehaaaaaw! I won!’ I screamed, punching my fist hard into the air, just like Michael Phelps when he won the Olympics gold medal.   It was the first time ever that I beat Andy at a swimming match. A wide smile curved on my lips, and I finally understood the sweetness of victory.

All the activities made Andy and I hungry.   We rushed to the shore, just in time for lunch.   We filled our starving tummies with fried noodles and chicken, and them sunk our sweet teeth into delicious honey barbeque pies and Swiss rolls- all prepared by mom.

      ‘Mom, I’m going off to......
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