Physics Projectile Problem

Topics: Velocity, Scalar, Speed Pages: 4 (680 words) Published: October 3, 2014
 Practice Projectiles (Source for the first five problems WWW.MIAMI-BEST-MATH-TUTOR.COM, 1. 1. A physics book slides off a horizontal table top with a speed of 1.10 m/s. It strikes the floor in 0.350 s. Ignore air resistance. Find the height of the table top above the floor; the horizontal distance from the edge of the table to the point where the book strikes the floor; the horizontal and vertical components of the book’s velocity, and the magnitude and direction of its velocity, just before the book reaches the floor. (Considering the direction to be negative downwards) Answers [0.600 m, 0.385 m, Vx = 1.10 m/s , Vy = -3.43 m/s , v = 3.60 m/s , 72.2 below the horizontal]

2. A marble rolls along a table at a constant speed of 1.00 m/s and then falls off the edge of the table to the floor 1.00 m below. How long does the marble take to reach the floor? At what horizontal distance from the edge of the table does the marble land? What is its velocity as it strikes the floor? Answers: (0.452 s, 0.452 m, 4.54 m/s 77.3 below)

3. A military helicopter on a training mission is flying horizontally at a speed of 60.0 m/s and accidentally drops a bomb at an elevation of 300 m. You can ignore air resistance. How much time is required for the bomb to reach the earth? How far does it travel horizontally while falling?

Find the horizontal and vertical components of its velocity just before it strikes the earth. If the velocity of the helicopter remains constant, where is the helicopter when the bomb hits the ground? Answers [7.82 s, 470 m, Vx= 60 m/s, Vy= -76.7 m/s, 300 m]

4. A daring 500-N swimmer dives off a cliff with a running horizontal leap. What must her minimum speed be just as she leaves the top of the cliff so that she will miss the ledge at the bottom, which is 1.75 m wide and 9.00 m below the top of the cliff? Answer...
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