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Using Triangle Skills to Solve Problems

For each word problem below, you must draw a picture and show your work towards a solution. Solutions are given for each problem. Since these are real-life type problems, answers should be decimal approximations as opposed to being in simplest radical form. You are allowed to use anything you know about triangle similarity, right triangles and right triangle trigonometry. This assignment is a learning target and is required to pass this semester.

P = Do these problems if you want a Proficient score for this learning target HP = Do these problems if you want a Highly Proficient score for this learning target A = All students are required to do these problems

P 1) A soccer ball is placed 10 feet away from the goal, which is 8 feet high. You kick the ball and it hits the crossbar along the top of the goal. What is the angle of elevation of your kick? (38.7o)

P 2) If a person 5 ft 10 inches tall casts a 7 ft. 4 inch shadow, how tall is a person who casts a shadow 6 ft. 8 inches long? (Put answer in feet and inches)(5ft 4 inches)

P 3) Michelle delivers books to school libraries. Her truck has a slide out ramp for unloading the books. The top of the ramp is 3 feet above the ground. The ramp itself is 5.2 feet long. What is the horizontal distance the ramp reaches? Also, what is the angle of elevation of the ramp? (4.25 ft.; 35.2o)

A 4) An airplane is at an elevation of 35,000 ft. when it begins its approach to an airport. Its angle of descent is 6O. What is the horizontal distance between the plane and the airport? Also, what is the approximate air distance from the plane to the airport? (63 miles; 63.4 miles)

P 5) Pete has a 15-foot ladder. The safety instructions recommend he should have the base of the ladder 6 feet from the base of the wall he will lean the ladder against. How high will the ladder reach on the wall?...
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