Trigonometry and 6. a. 23 B.

Topics: Trigonometry, Hypotenuse, Triangle Pages: 3 (531 words) Published: April 2, 2013
The Primary Trig Ratios – Practice with SOH CAH TOA

1. In each triangle, name the side:

2. Calculate the Sin A and Sin B in each triangle.

3. Calculate.

a. Sin 42b. Cos 68c. Tan 12

4. Calculate the value of x.

a. b.

5. Calculate.

a. Sin0.612b. Cos 0.825c. Cosd. Tan

6. Calculate E to the nearest degree.

a. Sin E = 0.387 b. Sin E = 0. 900 c. Cos E = d. Tan E =

7. Calculate E.

8. A guy wire is 13.5 m long. It supports a vertical power pole. The wire is fastened to the ground 9.5 m from the base of an 8.7 m tall pole. Calculate the measure of the guy wire and the ground.
9. A 5.0 m ladder is leaning 3.7 m up a wall. What is the angle the ladder makes with the ground?

10. A kite has a string 100 m long anchored to the ground. The string makes and angle with the ground of 68. What is the horizontal distance of the kite from the anchor?

11. A ladder is leaned 10 m up a wall with its base 6 m from the wall. What angle does the ladder make with the ground?

12.An archer shoots and gets a bulls-eye on the target. From the archer’s eye level the angle of depression to the bulls-eye is 5°. The arrow is in the target 50 cm below the archer’s eye level. Calculate the distance the arrow flew to hit the target (the dotted line). 5°

50 cm

50 cm

13.Two islands A and B are 3 km apart. A third island C is located due south of A and due west of B. From island B the angle between islands A and C is 33°. Calculate how far island C is from island A and from island B.

14.The foot (bottom) of a ladder is placed 1.5 m from a wall. The ladder makes a 70° angle with the level...
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