Physics Investigatory Project

Topics: Sun, Light, Ultraviolet Pages: 8 (2457 words) Published: February 23, 2013
Sunlight and Concave Mirror for Cooking

Pamatmat, Mikaela Franchesca
Siacon, Maria Sherlene Dianne
Cruz, Jeremy Anne
Lardizabal, Zaree Dominique
Macagba, Danielle
Martinez, Kyrene

Sir Vincent Sabong


The researchers thought of trying to come up with a makeshift solar cooker in order to test if this way of cooking may be effective and useful in substituting for a frying pan and a stove. The solar cooker may be a possible alternative when cooking outdoors under the heat of the sun. It could also be a huge energy saver and a safer way of cooking, avoiding hazards such as burns. The researchers have picked the safest and easiest procedure and materials in making a solar cooker so that teenagers or even people younger may try making it themselves. The first step in making the solar cooker was finding the right materials. This included a long narrow box, poster board, a roll of foil, Popsicle sticks, cardboard and barbecue sticks. Since the focal point needed to be somewhere in between 5” to 10”, one box was placed on top of another box of the same length and width. Popsicle sticks were taped to the insides of the box as support. The focal point was set and a piece of poster board, measured to fit in the middle of the box was placed there. The foil was then placed on top of the poster board, making sure it was not as furrowed as possible. It was placed in the heat of the sun and there was a certain spot where the light hit. Two pieces of cardboard were taped to the sides of the spot and the barbecue stick with a whole piece of hotdog was placed where the light hit. The solar cooker with the hotdog was left under the sun’s heat while the researchers watched if it would work. It took about 20-25 minutes before the hotdog was cooked. The researchers then tried to cut another piece of hotdog into smaller pieces to see if it would lessen the time being consumed. It took about 15-20 minutes in cooking the smaller pieces. Lesser time was consumed in cooking the smaller pieces compared to cooking the whole piece. The solar cooker had worked, though after two trials of cooking the hotdog, the foil became a bit greasy due to the oils coming from the hotdog. The researchers have concluded that the makeshift solar cooker they have come up with works and may indeed be useful when cooking outdoors. It’s inexpensive, overall since the materials used were not pricey and portable because it’s not a hassle bringing it anywhere considering it isn’t bulky and is very light. It’s easy to make with the simplest materials which can be bought mostly from any grocery or supplies store. There are some disadvantages though. This type of solar cooker is time consuming, especially foods such as hotdog or alike. So if you are serving a lot of hungry and impatient people, using the solar cooker are not the best means of cooking. But if by chance the cooking stove at home runs out of gas or breaks down, the solar cooker may be considered an alternative.


We would like to thank Mr. Vincent Sabong, our Physics facilitator, for giving us an opportunity to work on an Investigatory Project that enabled us to enhance our skills in the different fields of Science and in preparation for our incoming endeavors. In line with this, we would also like to thank Mikaela Franchesca Pamatmat’s parents for allowing us to develop our Investigatory Project at their house. And above all, we are most grateful to God, the heavenly Father, for blessing us with the proper mindset and for guiding us throughout this project.

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* Abstract i * Acknowledgement ii * Rationale I * Method/Procedure...

References: July 24, 2012 | Approval of Problem |
August 01, 2012 | Submission of Phase I |
October 6, 2012 | Aggregation and Completion of the Solar Cooker; Experimentation |
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