Investigatory Project

Topics: Environmentalism, Environment, Ecology Pages: 15 (3283 words) Published: July 22, 2013

A Term Paper Submitted
As A Minimum Requirement
In English IV

Mrs. Rosalie L. Bustamante
(English Teacher)

Miko Glenn G. Saballa
IV Garnet


i. About the Author1
ii. Acknowledgement2
iii. Dedication3
iv. Thesis Statement4

Chapter 1
A. Introduction5
B. Background of the study6
C. Purpose of the study7
D. Statement of the study8
E. Significance o f the study9

Chapter 2
Definition of terms10-11

Environment and its Sustainable Development12-14

Chapter 4
Earth many Environments15
A. Types of Environment16-17
B. Environment and People18
C. Environmental Conservation19
D. Interaction with the Environment20-21

Chapter 5
Conclusion and Recommendation
A. Conclusion22
B. Recommendation23


About the Author

April 09,1996 early in the morning a baby boy was born, who gave so much joy and inspiration.He was the Second child born baby named Miko Glenn G. Saballa among the three children of Mr. Moises P. Saballa and Mrs. Gina G. Saballa.He was Born in Ilagan,Isabela but he grew up in Calicanto,San Juan, Batangas.

At the age of 6,his parents decided to enroll him in one of the best elementary school in San Juan,Batangas,San Juan West Elementary School.Years passed by he became a varsity player in volleyball that makes his parents proud of.

March 03, 2008 his parents were very proud of him because after 6 years of his industriousness finally he graduated,he also got an award of athletic of the year.

After a month another school year came along, a more challenging and interesting which is the High School life.His parents enrolled him in Sico 1.0 National High School that offers scholarship for those who cannot afford to enter private school.His parents believed that in this school their child would gain more knowledge and bear a good attitude that mold his personality.

In his first year of school year in Sico 1.0 National High School, he belong to the custody of Ms. Aileen De Rosales.his section was callalily.he face many challenges but he did not lose hope and he pursue to finish his study,until he became a fourth year student under the custody of Ms. Aileen De Rosales.Until one major subject came,the term paper which is known as the part of curriculum and final project being fourth year student.He believe that project would be finished by himself and looking forward the best result of his hardwork.



The researcher would like to thanks those people who helped him in doing and finished this paper.Those people are his parents Mr. and Mrs. Saballa,who helped him completing his references and other materials by means of financial support;to his brother who consulted him for additional information; the books,magazines,encyclopedia,and their author for his references; the librarian,Mrs. Rosalie L. Bustamante who gave her knowledge about this topic and kindly offer her needs to do this eventhough she’s too busy,who approved his topic and thought him how to do a research paper.And most of all to Almighty God who guide him and gave him a knowledge to do this entire term paper and push him to his success.


The researcher would like to dedicate this research paper to his parents as his inspiration who gave him courage, moral and financial support. The researcher also dedicate this research paper to his brothers who always there for him to help to finished this paper,he dedicate also this paper to his teacher,friends,and classmates for giving him guide and support.

If the life – supporting ecosystems the planet are to survive for future generations, the consumer society will have...

Bibliography: March 03, 2008 his parents were very proud of him because after 6 years of his industriousness finally he graduated,he also got an award of athletic of the year.
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