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Topics: Thermodynamics, Heat, Energy Pages: 1 (379 words) Published: October 29, 2014

An investigation into the specific heat capacity of a solid Introduction:
In this experiment I investigated the specific heat capacity of brass and aluminium, in order to do this I arranged a series circuit with a heater, the heater would go inside the brass and aluminium and heat it for an amount of time in which I decided, I also used the voltmeter in parallel. This arrangement made me able to arrange the equation VIT= mcΔθ, since the electrical energy in would be equal to the mass times the specific heat capacity and the change in temperature. Once I got the results of the voltage, current, time, mass, change in temperature I could re-arrange the equation to get the SHC value. Reminder we are assuming that thermal energy will not me lost since we are using an insulator, however if the final answer is not close the SHC then we could say that there was heat loss. 421513027876500230124016446500Materials:

Cables (Red & Black)
Bubbles insulator
Aluminium: Brass:
Volt: 6V Volt: 6V
Current (I): 2.6a Current: 2.6a
Time: 600s Time: 360s
Mass: 1kg Mass: 1kg
Initial Temp: 23°c Initial Temp: 23°c
Final Temp: 33°c Final Temp: 36°c
SHC for Aluminium 900 J kg °C
Equation used: VIT= mcΔθ
(6)(2.6)(600) = (1)(c)(10)
9360 = 10C
C= 9360/10 = 936 J Kg °C
SHC for Brass: 380 J kg °C
Equation used: VIT= mcΔθ
(6)(2.6)(360) = (1)(c)(13)
5616 = 13c
C= 5616/13 = 432 J Kg °C
We are able to see that both answers are more or less close to the true value of each specific heat capacity, there is a bit of error in the result because probably the insulator wasn’t the best one or either there was a space free in which the heat was able to escape, however the results were quite close to the original values. I think that if it was done in a...
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