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Topics: Heat, Energy, Temperature, Fahrenheit, Hydrogen / Pages: 3 (601 words) / Published: Mar 18th, 2014

Tashia & Tobi

Lab Report experiemt 5

In this experiment we were wanting to find the specific heat of an unknown metal and determining what metal it was by using the formula q=c X m X change of temperature. We did two trials to compare the two and see what we come up with.
First we chose an unknown metal, in which our unknown was unknown metal 2, the metal was gray and irregular shaped. We setup the calorimeter and got a mass of it just being empty then we got a mass with 30mls of water in it. We found the mass of the water by subtracting the mass of the empty calorimeter which was 49.987g and the mass of the calorimeter with water which was 87.332g and got the mass of just the water 37.345g. The metal was placed in a test tube 5cm high and we got the mass of the empty test tube that was 42.703g and then with the metal in it and it was 72.607g. We heated the 300ml of water to a boil, then placed the metal that was in a tube and waited 10 minutes before we took it out. The temperature of the water before the metal was placed was 20 degrees Celsius, when we put the hot metal into the water and stirred it with the stirring rod it was 29 degrees Celsius, the change of the temperature after the metal was placed was 9 degrees. We ran this experiment twice to compare the results. In the second experiment we found that the mass of the calorimeter and water with 50mls was 100.033g and the empty calorimeter was 50.857g. We subtracted them two and we got the mass of water was 49.176g. The temperature of the water before the metal was placed in was 21 degrees Celsius and then when the metal was heated up for 10 minutes the temperature went up to 28 degrees Celsius. The change in temperature in the second trial was 7 degrees Celsius.
What we found in both experiments that were done on the same unknown metal is that in trial 1 whenever you take the specific heat of water(c)=4.184J/(g*C) and times that by mass of the water

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