physical resources

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Land is a renewable resource. Cropping. As the name The land however should be preserved

and wisely used so that it will maintain
its fertility and continue to be conservation
Conservation of the land

Replanting of vegetation after
mining and quarrying activities.
Controlling lumbering which ensures
that only a few mature trees are moved
From the forested areas.
Uses of fertilizers to maintain soil
Soil fertility humus is also a natural
Way of replenishing the of the richness
Crop rotation should replace mono-cropping. As the name implies this is a system of farming whereby different crops are planted on the same piece of land in succession. This benefits the land since different plants use different nutrients from the soil. Pastures should be subdivided to allow for rotation of grazing. Ploughing of hillsides should be done along the contours. The horizontal furrows retain the soil and prevent it from being washed away by rain.

Poor farming techniques
There are four (4) main poor techniques of farming
Shifting cultivation is employed by farmers who clear the land of its trees and other vegetation to plant crops. •Monocropping is planting of a single type of crop on a piece of land. After harvesting, the same type of crop successively replanted. •Overgrazing is when goats, sheep and cattle are allowed to graze on the same pasture over prolonged periods they remove almost all of the vegetation leaving the top soil exposed. •Ploughing farmers normally plough hillsides forming gullies and furrows which run from top to bottom of the hill.

Forestry &Farming help to product food and reduce exporting from other country which also reduce money to export. It reduces The land is also useful for housing which provide houses for people in the country. with land being use for housing the population decrease. Land is also useful for mining to help the country on bauxite, petroleum and asphalt. Transport land for roads uses and other businesses which helps the country in a lot of ways.

Poor planning on the part of the governments which allow fertile land to be used for housing and industrial developments instead agriculture. Quarrying and mining for various minerals which result in the vegetation and topsoil being without reafforestation.

Since survival of the human species depends on the forests.
many government have designated certain areas as forest such areas lumbering is strictly prohibited. Controlled cutting of trees. This system allows for only a few mature trees to be used for lumbering. A massive re-afforestation programme which necessitates replanting of trees in areas where forests once flourished. A massive education programme to inform the population on the importance of forests. Strict and severe penalties for illegal lumbering.

It promotes rainfall significant amount of moisture in the atmosphere through the process of transpiration. Prevents soil erosion vegetation protect the soil in variety of ways firstly the leaves and branches of trees break the force of rain reducing its capability to break up the soil. Secondly roots facilitate rain water to soak into soil. Prevent flooding it has already explained that the roots of trees factilitate the penetration of water into the soil, thus reducing run off. Wind protection, forested areas act as an effective wind barrier which protect crops from damage caused by heavy winds. Reduces Noise Pollution, the noise pollution is detrimental to health. Noise is produce from the use of heavy equipment, vehicles, aircraft and factories. Forest play an important role in reducing...
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