Physical Fitness

Topics: Obesity, Exercise, Physical exercise Pages: 2 (442 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Physical Fitness
Physical fitness is one of the most important key to a healthy body. It is the basis of creative artistic activity. Physical fitness means the condition of being physically healthy, especially exercises and proper nutrition it even includes being mentally healthy. It is the reason, a state of general well-being marked by physical health and mental stability. Physical fitness is not just bending our body. It is about having cardiovascular and overall muscular endurance and strength, as well as a strong immune system, and most importantly, a satisfied state of your mind. Past these days when physical exercises were meant for people who are serving in the armed forces or the people those who are having physically demanding jobs. Now a day’s most of the people believe that, having a physically fit body is the most important thing that a person can possess. The importance of physical fitness and exercise customized to the specific requirements of both young and old. This has led to the quality and use of exercise equipment. The easy access to gyms and fitness centers helps to keep their body physically fit. This has resulted in people leading longer and healthier lives which their predecessors could not have dreamed of before. Physical fitness is important for everyone to stay active throughout their lives. Because of busy work and home lives, more than 60% do not get the best amount of physical fitness daily and these numbers are increase in day by day. Experts recommend working out several times over the course of a week with varying exercises for the most benefit to your health.

Obesity and associated health problems are a growing problem in the United States.   Within the past years, obesity rates have risen significantly. Unhealthy diet and physical inactivity can contribute to or aggravate many chronic diseases and conditions, including type 2 diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, stroke, and some cancers. More than 80 percent of the youth...
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