Obesity in the U.S.

Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, Health Pages: 2 (406 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Obesity in the United States

As so often happens, many people in the world face obesity problems. Obesity is a serious health problem in the United State, and is a life-threatening condition. Obesity doesn't show up overnight, there are many ways to become obese; however once a person become obese, there are many health problems and disease that come up and how they live it. After a person becomes obese, they can lose the weight and lengthen their life or keep the weight and decrease the lengthen of their life. The problem of obesity can be solved and prevented .

First, by making healthy eating choices. Eating salads, vegetables and fruits from time to time everyday are very healthy. Dieting right is best to especially when you wiling to stay in shape , not over eating yourself. Some people gain their weight overnight eating late night snacks. Eating the right portion of meals are good it will keep you in shape. Getting good vitamins and minerals are healthy as well.

Second, exercising regularly is one of the most other important ways to keep your figure right.Going to the gym at least a week, or you can work out at home. You can also do sit-ups, back bends, or stretches. You can talk long and short walks in the parks, around the neighborhood, to the closest store near when wanting to go the store and there are many other places to walk. These are some simple things to do to exercise.

Third, you can avoid gaining weight by avoiding eating out at restaurants. Avoid eating a lot of fats such as , sugar cakes, chips and unhealthy food. Non-healthy eating is very bad sometimes can hurt a lot of people. Not eating healthy can cause many of problems for people. That's why you should always eat healthy.

A person cannot accept the responsibilities and the consequences of being obese. Being obese is the most common malnutrition in America; however, it can be prevented. No one can simply cure obesity by achieving a certain body right, but...
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