phisical disabilities

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1. Understand the importance of differentiating between the individual and the disability 1.1 Explain the importance of recognising the centrality of the individual rather than the disability The importance of recognising the centrality of the individual rather than the disability because if you consider the need of an individual then you have solved the problem of the individual and this can be done by-treating the person as an individual, with dignity and respect ,looking at the individual as ,a whole person, not just ,meeting one aspect of their needs ,listening and helping the individual to make informed choices, working in partnership with the individual.

1.2 Explain the importance of an assessment being person centred. The importance of an assessment being person centred is to meeting the needs of the individual, providing the best possible ,quality care service, ensuring a good quality of life of the individual. treating the individual as you would want to be treated.

1.3 Compare the difference in outcomes that may occur between focusing on an individual’s strengths and aspirations rather than their needs only. Key points Strengths-based approaches value the capacity, skills, knowledge, connections and potential in individuals and communities. Focusing on strengths does not mean ignoring challenges, or spinning struggles into strengths. Practitioners working in this way have to work in collaboration - helping people to do things for themselves. In this way, people can become co-producers of support, not passive consumers of support. The evidence for strengths-based approaches is difficult to synthesise because of the different populations and problem areas that are examined in the literature. The strengths approach to practice has broad applicability across a number of practice settings and a wide range of populations. There is s
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