Philosophy of Health Education

Topics: Health, Human, Public health Pages: 3 (1074 words) Published: November 3, 2011
The world that we know today has come a long way since the 1900’s. If we think about the number of philosophers and psychologists that have made discoveries and hypothesis about the things around them in connection with their ideals, principals and values, we can all clearly explain that the world is ever changing as a result of holistic approaches and expression of intelligence. With this being said, it is with certainty that I believe in the idealism philosophy. Life is about knowledge. Life encompasses internal meaning and spiritual reality. Humans exhibit this knowledge through internal thoughts of the world around them. All humans are born with an inner-good. The inner good can take something so ordinary and boring and turn it into spectacular ideals. In life, it is important to hold values, education, spirituality and creativity in the highest regard. The most valuable of these characteristics is that of education and spirituality. Holding these two characteristics of utmost importance can enable in human being to think outside the box of life itself and make all things possible. With education, one can learn and collectively approach life with understanding and competence. With spirituality, one can connect themselves with something with bigger meaning and create values. I believe that seeing everything in this world as something more than what it is in plain sight creates an attitude and understanding that is so powerful and meaningful that nothing can stop you. I believe that knowledge is the most powerful weapon in the world. Holding this near and dear to my heart I believe that anything is possible and there is nothing or no one that can stop you from learning and believing. The purpose of life is to gain knowledge and turn that knowledge into something extraordinary. It is about letting our minds take control and create something new. Life is meant to be about discovery and meaningful experiences especially with the people around us. In relation to...

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