Phicical Exercise

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Physical exercise means systematic exercise of body.Our body is made out of many limbs or parts.For maintaining good health proper functioning of all the parts is important.Physical exercise keeps the limbs of our body fit and healthy. PHISICAL EXERCISE:

Phisical exercise means the movement of various parts of the body.When we work only to exercise our limbs then we call it phisical exercise.It is necessary for those who work more with their brains then their hands. FORMS:

There are various forms of physical exercise.Some of them are walking, running, swimming, rowing, riding, gymnastics, wrestling, jumping, cycling, boxing, yoga, etc.Games such as football,tennise,volley-ball,cricket,hockey,pole vault,water polo,basketball ha-du-du,etc are all forms of healthy exrecice. TIME OF EXERCISE:

Phisical exercise cannot be done irrugulary.It has a time-table which is to be followed strictly.Phisical exercise is to be done during the morning and evening.The fresh air refreshes our mind and body.It is bad to take any exercise after taking meal. USEFULNESS:

Regular phisical exercise keeps our body fit by removing excess fat and ensuring proper circulation of blood throughout the whole body.It improves our performance and keeps our muscles strong and fit.Proper exercise benefits all the other parts of the body which is essential for healthy living.It is also important for our mental health.There is a close connection between the body and mind.Proveb says:"A sound mind lives in a sound body".If the body is not sound then the mind is also ill.Besides,for sucess in life we should have good health and this good health depends on regular exercise.It developes our mental faculty,improves our power of diggestion.Infact, due to phisical exercise one can enjoy a disease free life. RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN HAPPINESS AND PHISICAL EXERCISE:

A sound mind in a sound body is a source of happiness.He is cheerful,he can enjoy life at the...
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