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__________1. A Traditional Story In Prose Concerning Details of gods and the creation of the world and its inhabitants. __________2. Narrate the adventures of tribal heroes which embody in them the ideals and values of the group. __________3. Legends which explain how things came to be, why things are as they are. __________4. Short popular sayings that express effectively some commonplace truth or useful thought. __________5. Verses set into music by the members of the community. __________6. a folktale using animals as characters.

__________7. Simplest form of Oral Literature
__________8. A twelve-stanza poem in alternating Tagalog and Spanish line. __________9. The Structure of this poem is octosyllabic quatrains the best example was “Ang Ibang Adarna”. __________10.This is rendered in dodesyllabic quatrains, the famous of this, is Florante at Laura by Francisco Baltazar. __________11. This is called Pananapatan o Panawagan, Gangharong o Pagharongharong in Bikol. __________12. Originally just the dramatization of the passion and death of Jesus Christ presented during Maunday Thursday and Good Friday. __________13. Performed during Month of May which have the devotion to the Holy Cross. __________14. An interesting socio-religious practice on all Saints Day which literally means “For Soul”. __________15. The basic unit of Composition in Poems.

A. 8 Types of Prose
B. 5 elements of sound words
d. 12 Compositions of Literacy that Have Influenced the World. III. ESSAY (10 PTS)
Write an Essay about the “History and Literature found on your Barangay”.
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