Odysseus Vs Beowulf Research Paper

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The Odyssey is one of ancient Greece’s great Epics because of the mighty Odysseus.

Likewise, the story of Beowulf is an example of an Epic. Epics are stories told on a grand scale,

with armies, heroes, gods, and the brutal forces of nature depicted over long character arcs and

sweeping landscapes. Protagonists meet with obstacles and disaster, action and triumph. Epics

are mythological histories; they meld together famous figures from history and historical events.

Some characters and events in epics are historical, like the Trojan War, while other characters are

mostly or purely mythological. An epic usually contain the following six elements: A hero of

legendary proportions, adventures of superhuman strength and valor, multiple settings,

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For example, The Odyssey is obviously an epic tale because of the

supernatural characters, the use of simile and metaphors, and the legendary hero, and the

omniscient narrator. Within each tale, Odysseus and Beowulf are the “epic” heroes. Three of

Beowulf’s most epic characteristics are strength, honor, and the ability to rule justly. An epic

hero is brave and noble character in an epic poem, admired for great achievements or affected by

grand events. Both Odysseus and Beowulf show those characteristics.

Both Odysseus and Beowulf are the narrators of the story. They are not just the narrators,

but they are the omniscient narrators. The stories are told in third person. The stories are told

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from their perspective, and we learn more about the story because of what they let us know.

Sometimes, Beowulf and Odysseus will tell the reader information even before it happens.

Because they are omniscient narrators, it is like they are the Gods in the story, and we see the

story from the view of a God. That is an element of an epic tale, and it also relates to religious


Also, both Odysseus and Beowulf have supernatural characteristics. They are both

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