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American Politics

There are two major parties in the United States the Democrats and Republicans. Gail Russell Chaddock, a writer of The Christian Science Monitor, states, “Democrats favor targeted stimulus -- investments in infrastructure, clean energy, and education -- while hiking taxes on corporations and the rich to fund this jobs spending. Republicans aim to curb government regulation and cut taxes to give businesses and individuals more incentive to invest” (Par 2).Both Republicans and Democrats claim to be invested in the people’s needs, but the two parties are far apart on their approaches. Democrat or Republican? Who is the better party, and why? The Democratic Party is more fitting for the population of the United States, because they favor the majority of people rather than just the 99%. By looking at Bush’s bailouts, it is easy to see that Republicans are backing corporations and the wealthy, which is important because that only makes up one percent of the population. Democrats want to build a stronger middle class instead of just making the rich richer. In considering some of the most popular topics in politics-- taxes, jobs, the economy, education, military, guns, homosexuals, healthcare, and party relationships-- it is easy to see which party’s plan is better. Americans are expected to pay taxes that are reinvested into the country. These taxes can go to various things, such as supporting the elderly, providing state and federal jobs. It goes to organizations that provide support for moms and babies, and a variety of other groups with needs. This topic is popular in debates. There never seems to be a middle ground and people can never agree on what is fair. Democrats believe in higher tax rates for higher income brackets. Gail Chaddock, a writer at The Christian Science Monitor, states, “Senate Democrats are also proposing a lower tax rate for US businesses who are keeping foreign-generated profits overseas, a move favored by Republicans. The Democrats would use the new revenues to support the infrastructure bank. With the agenda still shaped by spending cuts, compromises on tax reform may be the only viable route to funding new stimulus spending” (Par 21). Democrats are for the majority population by wanting to keep profits here through jobs.

The job market in America has been uncertain for many years. Although it is getting better, it still needs improvement, and President Obama has been working to make these improvements. Dan Friedman of the National Journal Daily reports, "When Democrats bring this common-sense jobs legislation to the floor, we'll ask Americans who make more than a million dollars a year to contribute a little more," Reid said in a morning floor speech. He said he hopes to set up a vote on the revamped jobs bill "within the next few days." That means he will seek action after the Senate passes a China currency bill and before Senate action on three free trade bills” (Par 2). This statement shows that Democrats are focused on creating jobs, despite difficultly in the process, which will benefit the middle class. Dan Friedman also reports, “Regardless of the how the bill is paid for, it’s a long shot to win the 60 votes needed to pass the Senate or ever receive a House vote. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., said on Monday that Obama's jobs bill will not be brought to the floor as a package. But Reid wants to at least unify Democrats in support of a motion to proceed to the bill this month. Democrats hope the step hands the GOP responsibility for blocking a package that includes provisions popular with voters” (Par 5). This quote shows that Republicans are fighting Democratic efforts to create jobs that a majority of voters wants and needs.

The economy depends on the buying and selling of goods and services and without jobs, people are unable to buy anything other than necessities, if that. Kenneth Walsh from U.S. News & World Report states, “The White House Council...

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