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Topics: Barack Obama, Democratic Party, Mitt Romney Pages: 6 (2096 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Kirsten Alcorn
Dr. Cobb
English 1010
17 November 2012
Election 2012: Two-Sided America
Election Day is coming up and this is perhaps the most important election in history, as news stations are calling it. Everyone that pays attention in America knows that the United States is in a downward slope. What will Americans choose? Will it be Governor Romney, whom proposes tax cuts and repealing of a bill? Or will it be to keep President Obama and see if he can fix the country for another four years? To begin to solve the problem America is currently in, people need to realize who they’re voting for, more than just one view on them, and most importantly, if the candidate can bring the country out of the debt it is in now. As I started to watch different news channels, read articles, as well as talked to people of different ages on what their views were, I found that this subject is either one way or the other way. There is hardly an in between in politics. However, after looking over each candidate running for President, I decided to lay down my bias views and look at each person as if they were both the same party.

First and foremost, there are always two sides of every argument. As I have found out, there are also lies to both sides as well as the truth. One of those sides is how Republicans view their candidate, Mitt Romney. Ann McFeatters points out on an online blog saying, “He was an effective governor of Massachusetts. Although he vetoed hundreds of bills (most overridden by a Democratic-controlled legislature), he persuaded key Democrats to help him push through landmark legislation to give many more residents of Massachusetts health insurance.” She also made other interesting points, “He salvaged the Salt Lake City Olympics and raised enough money to keep the facilities at Park City, Utah, maintained for the training of hundreds of athletes for years to come.” Romney turned the 2002 Winter Olympics from financial corruption and drug abuse to an organization efficiently run with no touch of scandal. His credibility and record attracted sponsors who turned $380 million in debt to a $100 million surplus. Depending on what news channel you watch or what paper you read, Mitt Romney seems like a promising man to hold up our country. Romney also reports to be an ultimate example in donations and volunteering with no pay. He is by nature a results-oriented businessman and pragmatist who wants to solve problems and this country has plenty of problems. Mitt Romney is criticized for his wealth by news stations and the other party yet he earned it by building a profitable businesses. Mitt Romney at Bain Capital created tens of thousands of jobs in such diverse businesses as Staples, Sealy Mattress Company, Sports of all Sorts, Skype and Domino Pizza. He made his money by analyzing and envisioning what each company should be doing and marshaling the assets, both in money and people, to make the companies work. He had the foresight and courage to shut down those that couldn’t make it. Lastly, Romney was elected governor of Massachusetts, a heavily Democratic state, worked with a state legislature that was 85 percent Democrat, exercised the line-item veto over 800 times, reduced the state’s unemployment rate from 5.6 percent to 4.5 percent, eliminated the state’s $3 billion deficit by cutting taxes, raising “user fees,” and created a $2 billion “rainy day fund.” And, yes, he instituted a health care program which required people who could afford it buy health insurance and not get “freebies” in emergency rooms. Why do most people see Romney as a harmful slave driver to others? The Democratic Party suggests that this Massachusetts governor would not be a better fit for America. President Barack Obama announces that Romney’s proposed tax plan does not add up. Mary Bruce interviewed President Barack Obama and he stated, “They couldn’t answer the question of how you already have deficits, you add five trillion dollars in new tax...

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