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Did you imagine that how many hours you work a day after graduated? 6 hours? 8hours? 10 hours?
According to a survey by the Census and Statistic Department of the SAR government, there are near 40% interviewed employees who were working over 8.5 hours a day and 25% interviewed employees who were working over 10 hours a day, which is very long working hours. Introduce topic:

Today I am going to persuade you to support the government legislate the law of “Standard Working Hours”. According to Report of the Policy Study on Standard Working Hours by Labor Department, “Standard Working Hours” is to set standard daily or weekly working hours. If employees undertake overtime work, employers have to pay extra bonus for the additional working hours.

I have been read many research paper and survey by government and other Organization. Preview main points:
There is 3 point about Standard Working Hours that benefits us. 1. “Standard Working Hours” can help encourage employees’ work and personal life balance. 2. Standard working hours can ensure better health for employees. 3. Supporting standard working hours is it can discourage employers to request employees to have overtime work so that more job opportunities may be created. Importance:

This is important to all of you because we need to work after few years. Standard Working Hours can make a better working environment. It will benefit all of you!

First of all, “Standard Working Hours” can help encourage employees’ work and personal life balance. Long working hours may affect the employees’ personal life. For example, people have less time devotes to family, less resting time, etc. Also, long working hours will increase employees’ working and psychological pressure. Standard Working Hours can let people enjoy better quality of family life, make personal appointment, have more resting time and recreation. These are the basic of a delighted, healthy society. Also, those factors are...
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