Research Problem Assignment

Topics: Working time, Eight-hour day, University Pages: 4 (1317 words) Published: April 25, 2011
Research Problem Assignment


Working hours is the amount of time a person works for a paid job. An adequate amount of work timing that a person should manage such that he/she can maintain his/her standard of living and also not to have more working hours such that they can avoid the stress related problems. In most countries 9 to 5 is considered to be a fairly adequate hours to go to work such that they could have a healthy style of living. Shift working is also one of the concepts to have an appropriate arrangement of hours such that the organization could cover a large amount of the time of the day. If we have to have a 24 hour working in the organization we could divide the time in different slots and then assigning it to different staff members such that the working hours doesn’t increase also the time could be covered (Working Hours). Moreover, there are certain rules and the regulations followed by the national and the international level guiding the number of working hours per day. It is but obvious that the same employees can work for both the days as well as for the nights to provide the services. As, in the private sectors and mainly the production sectors of the privatized industries, there are the shift working schedules which maintains the continuous work throughout the day. There are obviously certain disadvantages too related to the shift working too, but if compared and evaluated with the immense amount of the services and the comforts it could bring to the people of the university, there is the scope for this strategy to be in the food for our thoughts (The Uae's Draft Labor Law, 2007). ISSUES INVOLVED

The major issues involved with these problems and the several of the troubles associated due to these issues are firstly for those of the students are experiencing difficulties in...

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