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Arlene Garcia 5/16/2014 Project 2
1) Single Parent Resource Center is a community recourse that’s helps a single parent express and discuss their family problem. This offers counseling to the parent in need and management assistance. In this resource center it also offers a father program. This helps father improving parenting skills and communicating with their children. Also includes activities such as, workshops, readings support groups etc. 2) The Adult Learning Center of Long Beach is for the 18 years old or older. This offers free computer education, academic and career counseling, English as a second language, GED preparation, citizenship education, etc. 3) Planned Parenthood is a resource that helps needed mothers with food, diapers, clothing and other supplies. Teaching teenagers to have protected sex and in general sexual education to be informed on life making decisions. Provide young woman about honest sexual and relationship information. These three community resources to me seem to be outstanding compared to others. In today’s community there are several single parents out there that need some sort of support. Now a days there are more and more teenagers getting pregnant at a young age. Single Parent Resource Center and Planned Parenthood help make woman understand the life style of a parent in need. This makes them think twice about their decision of getting pregnant or having unprotected sex leading to an unwanted pregnancy or some sort of disease. This to me is important, knowing that a majority of people my age have a baby is just unbelievable, and we have a whole life ahead of us. In the other hand, The Adult Learning Center is to help those in need to get back up for those who dropped out of high school they help educate them with preparing them for the GED. This can help the individual get on their feet discussing academically...
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